• How does Crezu work?
    Crezu is a personal loan search and comparison website. Once you fill out a short application, we’ll compare offers from hundreds of lenders in order to find the best loan for you, personalized to match your profile.
  • How much money can I request?
    You can request to borrow any amount between 1000 ₱ and 10000 ₱.
  • Does Crezu charge any fees for submitting a request?
    No! In fact, Crezu never charges any fees.
  • What information do I need to provide in order to apply for an online loan?
    All we need is your email, phone number, and document number. You also must be between 18-70 years old, residing in the Philippines.
  • Can I still get a loan even if I have a bad credit history?
    Yes! Crezu collaborates with various companies that issue fast loans online for people with bad credit history.
  • Is my personal information safe with Crezu?
    Absolutely. Crezu will only use the information you provide to conduct a search and match you with lending partners. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.
  • Once I submit an application, am I required to take a loan?
    Not at all! All Crezu searches are 100% no-obligation. Feel free to apply for a loan, study what offers are available to you, and consider it for a while. You’re not required to take any loans until you sign a contract.
  • What are the interest rates?
    Crezu works with lenders in order to offer the very best terms in the market. However, interest rates will vary depending on your particular lender and circumstances. The quickest way to figure out interest rates is to request a quote for a loan — it only takes a few minutes!
  • How will I repay my loan?
    Each lender we work with has their own process when it comes to repayment. They’ll send you detailed instructions outlining their repayment expectations. But repaying a loan can usually be done by credit or debit card or direct transfer.
  • I still haven’t repaid my first loan. Can I apply for a second loan?
    Yes, it’s possible! But this will depend on individual lenders. You can apply for a second loan now in order to see what offers are available to you.
  • Can I submit a loan request on weekends and holidays?
    Absolutely! Crezu is available 24/7, 365 days a year.